Sneak Peak: Day One Showcase

The Day One Showcase brings together the earliest stage innovation ecosystem to cheer on the builders. On March 31st, 30 Fellows from Day One’s second Cohort will share their stories, journeys and businesses with the world. You’ll get to choose six presentations to watch in the span of 60 minutes. To help you make a plan for which six presentations you’ll want to attend, I thought I’d share a bit of a sneak peak.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting two 1:1 pitch practice sessions with each Fellow. Each presentation is different, intriguing, and compelling. Based on my conversations with these founders, here’s an insider peak into what you can expect from their Session and what you may want to ask each of them!

Haven’t registered for the Showcase? It’s not too late! REGISTER HERE.

Anna Bao: Kleido

Bringing personal and relatable experiences from professionals who “walked the path” to students thinking about careers at the earliest stage

Anna joined the Fellowship the day before we kicked off our second Cohort. She had an idea of which industry she wanted to make a difference in and was ready for the ride. Now, she’s accepting a waitlist for her beta! Ask her where her inspiration for Kleido came from.

Annie + Renee: Glow

glow is here to reimagine the beauty space. built by two female engineers, we are here to redefine how you book and review your beauty services.

First time I spoke with Annie and Renee was from a lakehouse in Michigan. Even though I may have been slightly distracted, they had me as a cheerleader two minutes into the conversation. Since joining Day One, these entrepreneurs have built and launched their MVP and have been accepted into the Humans in The Wild accelerator. There’s no stopping them. Ask them how they plan to grow their audience and community.

Bryan Coates: Carfixt

The Uber for car mechanics. Don’t go to them, let them come to you!

A Product Manager by day, Electrical Engineer by education and now a Founder, Bryan is turning his side hustle into a business. Watch for his diligence on understanding the problem he’s trying to solve and ask him what inspired him to join the world of entrepreneurship.

Chis Anen: CampusTalk

With 22M+ college students across the country, there is no dedicated chat platform just for students; CampusTalk solves this issue.

How can I communicate with my classmates easily? How can I get to know my classmates interests and backgrounds? CampusTalk is starting with a platform for MBA students. Ask Chis what his plans are for expanding the platform to transform student experiences across the country.

Corinne Santoro: GutCheck

Creative agencies: get your clients unfiltered feelings on the questions you need answers to, without groupthink and wandering discussions muddying the waters. With Gutcheck, we sell 90% of our work in the first round, with an industry average of three rounds.

Corinne found herself in the middle of being an advertising exec and a potential founder when her clients asked to license her agency’s internal tool. With a strong waitlist of loyal customers who want to use GutCheck, the team is working fast towards making this tool a standalone business. Ask Corinne about the potential for GutCheck and her experience jumping into entrepreneurship through the Fellowship!

Farah Baxter: VeeBee

Most people are reluctant to discuss end of life planning and care. Let’s change the narrative!

Farah is an extremely mission driven individual who thrives in community. She’s presenting at the Showcase to introduce VeeBee to the world for the first time. Ask her why she’s the right person to build this business and hop on a call with her after!

Jasmin Hinnat: Sojo Signal

Diverse employees are entering the workforce rapidly, but which insights can we trust before accepting an offer? Trust Sojo Signal.

During my first conversation with Jasmin, she was at a crossroad between continuing to build her platform via no-code tools or hitting pause to reset and re-engage her community. She did the latter and it has made all the difference. Ask her how she continues to build Sojo Signal with new tools and skills she has picked up!

Jessica Seepersad: Klouf Dating

What if we found love similar to how we find new jobs, by using our networks? Klouf is a new dating solution designed to make it super easy for friends to help their single friends out by making introductions and tapping their own networks to discover potential matches.

Once Jessica realized she could start with one person, one match and simple intro tools, there was no stopping her. For those of us familiar with the ‘Aunty Network,’ Klouf Dating will give you a glimpse into the future of what tech-enablement in the world of match making could look like!

Kaylee and David: Possible

We help people explore and choose their next career in tech before investing tens of thousands into skill training or years in the wrong job.

Kaylee and David teamed up during the Day One Fellowship! I think I may have screamed when I heard — two incredible humans and strong founders joining forces is a dream come true for our team at Day One. They navigated the entire cofounder discovery journey and are now building Possible to help support the career explorers. Ask them about their transition from being a solo-preneur to a cofounder.

Keith Nelson: Retroflix

Retroflix is here to save movie night with a search tool of the best movies from the 70s, 80s, 90s — plus tons of special features.

Keith joined the Day One Fellowship with an entrepreneurial itch. Initially, he thought he might build an app in the sustainability industry. He went through the diligence of real, honest customer discovery and identified completely different pain points than the ones he sought out to validate. Ask him about how he narrowed in on Retroflix and what he loved about the process of getting here! Also — Retroflix launches on March 31st at the Showcase.

Maddy Bourgeois: Social Media & Future of Youth Mental Health

Social media & tech are exacerbating the vulnerabilities of young people’s mental health & I’m on a mission to build the playbook for change.

When Maddy joined Day One, Maddy had a fantastic career as a Manager at a Strategy Consulting Firm. Within the span of the last 8 weeks, she has moved to Hawaii, left her full time job and is now committed to understanding the effect of social media on young people. Ask her about how she’s navigating a complete career/lifestyle transition while diving into a new industry!

Martins Millers; BrandZen

I’m on a mission to reduce pressures and anxieties when it comes to social content creation by automating content creation and design.

An advertising creative from the UK, Martins came to Day One with a love for his industry and a desire to make it more efficient. He has immersed himself in the entrepreneurial journey and 8 weeks later will launch BrandZen to the world at the Showcase! Ask him about his customer discovery journey and how he plans to test his MVP.

Stealth Founders: ARA Paymentz

Facilitating healthy and easy B2B payments for small businesses

Post MVP, post-launch, ARA Payments is on its way to supporting all small businesses manage their AR/AP across the country! With significant experience in the FinTech industry, ARA’s cofounders are on a mission to simplify the transaction experience for small businesses. Ask them what’s different about how they are building this B2B payments business!

Michael Kofman: Pulse

A SaaS platform that helps developers retrieve data dependencies for their systems REST, Message Brokers, or Databases.

From Day One, Michael has been laser focused on building Pulse. He has continued to share his weekly sprints and progress over 8 weeks and we are so excited for him to share his work with the world. Ask him how he continues to incorporate customer feedback as he iterates the product!

Mikhail Gorin: InfluencerZ

Marketplace for GenZ nano-influencers and Social media stores. (Auto)Matchmaking and sales generation. At scale.

Mikhail joined Day One to lean into a community of entrepreneurs. Little did he know he would find himself in the world of influencers and instagram. With a background in B2B payment solutions, Mikhail took his customer feedback to heart and has pivoted to launch InfluencerZ! Ask him how he gained conviction around this niche,

Natalie Peters: Sky Society

The first accelerator that gets unemployed female graduates full-time marketing jobs.

Natalie has a special skill — building community around topics she cares about. She has single-handedly navigated a failed cofounder relationship, rebranding, pricing, and building an entire curriculum after graduating college. Ask her…how she does it all?

Raman Malik: Rhetoric

Rhetoric is a companion to video calls to provide real time feedback on spoken communication. Our web app pipes your audio through speech-to-text and finds opportunities to improve your communication.

Nobody likes to hear their own voice, but in a virtual world it’s more important than ever to speak with precision. Raman will walkthrough the product features, progress on the prototype, and invite you to sign up for the beta! Ask him all about his experience building the product.

Rushi Sanathra: Zameen

Each month we send our subscribers a regeneratively farmed spice. Our box includes three recipes — two recipes designed by me and one created by Mummy, my mother. Along with the recipes, we send a spice guide describing how to use the farmers’ spices, farming practices, and information.

Rushi may or may not tell you that he has sold out of this subscription box a few times and has been featured in Eater as an up and coming spice brand to watch. He has combined his background in supply chain and love for cooking to create a unique twist on the growing DTC spice market. Ask him about his approach to customer experience.

Sam Cooper: Rel

A new approach to analyzing and summarizing literature that uses relevance and relationships to uncover hidden insights in expert research.

How do we translate ideas uncovered in our interactions with clients into scalable products? What is the best application for my technology? These are questions many deep tech founders face and Sam has been navigating these over the last 8 weeks. Ask him how his experience has been as a technical founder!

Scott Johnson: work-casa

Boutique rental experiences curated and designed for groups to easily connect with nature and each other while working remotely.

If you wish you could have done what Gen Z has been doing over the last year — renting homes in the middle of nowhere to work from home — you’ll want to see what Scott is building. With an idea and huge market opportunity on hand, Scott is hoping you’ll share your work from home experience with him!

Sheena and Hayley: Ollie Club

Ollie Club: Makes parents superheroes in the kitchen & let’s kids find their food superpowers! Media / Entertainment / Food — Existing TV series.

The first time Sheena shared her pitch with me, my jaw dropped. This cofounder duo has built a large community around childrens’ healthy eating through books and animated TV show already! The next step? You’ll have to come meet Ollie himself. Don’t forget to ask Sheena and Hayley what’s next for their food empire.

Shravan Rao: Backhand Gifts

Backhand gifts is eliminating uptight gifting and bringing the excitement back to presents.

Hilarious and refreshing, Shravan brings a much-needed refresh for those of us who love gifting. If you’re tired of gifting flowers, join Shravan to learn more about the billion dollar market he’s entering with Backhand Gifts! Ask him about the first few iterations of this product.

Sid Singh: Ready.Steady.Money

Unleashing The Wealth Potential of 68m Financially Underserved Americans

Sid has a clear vision for Ready.Steady.Money. He came into the Fellowship laser focused and has been meticulously progressing from idea to launch. Ask him about why he’s building this company and watch out for his approach to solving this problem.

Steve Kane: Moonlight Health

The story, the rationale and the case for a never before seen mental health startup.

Steve won the Day One Superlative for ‘Most Likely to Have a Deep Conversation with You.” He’s looking forward to sharing his mission, fueled by his personal experience with mental health care, with you all. He has been working towards his Masters degree, juggling a job, and building his company all at once. What else? He just received his first Angel check! Be sure to ask him how he plans to grow Moonlight Health over the years.

Teo Gonzalez: Belong

Providing the tools you need to improve your employee experience and your business results by focusing on your organization’s intrapersonal relationships and culture.

We often hear that school is the best time to build a startup. Teo took that advice to heart and has been building Belong while pursuing his MBA at Dartmouth. He came in with a question around employee engagement and has now rallied a team to build the platform! Ask him what key pain points he’s solving for HR teams and managers alike.

Tianlun Chen: Cuely

Take care of our wellbeing at work. Try Cuely: 1-min exercise via Slack to build healthy habits and reduce burnout

Tianlun joined Day One after Terry, his cofounder, completed D1F1! The technical duo has built out their MVP and launched their public beta all in the span of a few months. If you manage a remote team or a Slack community, you’ll want to check out Cuely. Ask the team about where they were when Terry pitched at the first Showcase vs. where they are today!

Tomás Quinonez-Riegos:

The world’s most convenient platform for sharing outdoor gear. We help people find meaning in their lives through nature.

I would rate the founder-product fit at an 11/10. Tomás, as free-spirited as he is, is also laser focused on bringing his vision for the company to life. In a few short months, he’s raised capital from Angel investors, rallied a team and has uplifted his web-platform presence tremendously. Ask him how customer feedback has been!

Tori, Paul, William: Tools for Humans

A conversation about creating moments of reflection, connection, and communication in our career transitions. We want to learn from you! Join us 😊

It’s been fun to see this trio join Day One together as friends + project collaborators. They clearly care deeply about career transitions. Their pitch shares what they’ve learned and prototyped, as well as invites you to consider how you’ve navigated your own professional changes. This is the only session with three presenters and a conversation. I have no doubt it’ll be a blast. Join the conversation if you’ve ever gone through a career transition and ask them about how they navigated theirs!

Wen Li: AyiConnection

Connecting families with helpers in the language you prefer

Wen initially built her business to solve a personal need for herself. When she started receiving calls from people who asked if she could help them too, she gained conviction in the idea. If child care was difficult to secure this past year, you’ll want to chat with Wen about AyiConnection. Ask her how many families she’s already supporting, how many jobs she’s created and how she plans to grow!

Yehong Zhu: Zette

Tired of hitting paywalls? Zette provides you access to a variety of premium news publishers with a single click. Come check out our product and never be blocked from the content you want again!

Last but not least, Yehong is a superstar Fellow. On her fifth day in the Fellowship…she closed a $1.7m seed round. Her background positions her well for the business she’s building and she’s ready to take on the paywalls for you. Ask her about her fundraising experience and hiring strategy!



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